Cannot access new nextcloud box locally through nextcloud.local


I am just setting up my new nextcloud box. I assembled the hardware with a raspberry pi 2 and connected to my Huawei HG633 router (from TalkTalk @ UK) through ethernet.

When I type nextcloud.local at my browser I cannot find nextcloud. (This is the address the paper in the box said I should use.)

I have been able to find my nextcloud box by opening a command line (my OS is Ubuntu 16.04.1) and typing
$ arp -a # code taken from here

I then typed the actual IP address at my browser and I was able to connect. Is there any way to see what is happening? I checked the admin page and saw that nextcloud auto updated itself to the latest stable version: 11.0.1 .

My box is connected to the router via Ethernet but my laptop (and moible) are trying to access it via wireless. Both can see it via the actual IP but not with the nextcloud.local url.

There was no message about a DNS problem though. Any ideas on how I address this issue?

Thanks for your help,

No ideas? Nothing? Am I the only person who cannot locally resolve the nextcloud.local address?

DNS resolution is not a guarantee. Sure it should work and on many networks it does, but it very much depends on your network setup and the support offered by your router/network equipment.

When I got mine the address was http://ubuntu-default.local and this didn’t resolve to the box either, however this is because I run a network with a different internal domain.

If you have the option, assign a network hostname through your router to the box and use that then to access it, otherwise accessing over IP is a perfectly normal, valid thing to do.

The underlying OS is ubuntu on the NC box, not yet snappy core but a full ARM-ready server install. As you have Ubuntu on your machine perhaps you’ll be comfortable looking at the setup and hostname/domain on the box.