Cannot access logs within webui since last update (18.0.6)

Hi all,

Since updated to 18.0.6 I cannot access the logs menu in settings (webui) anymore. When clicking on “Logs” it just that loading circle and I can notice that my cpu usage on my server, for one thread, spiking 100% for a while and then just stops after 1-2 minutes. The webui is showing the loading circle forever.
I guess:

1.) Something is broken
2.) The log file is too big and it’s some kind of time out function that prevent it from loading (maybe some tips on how to look at the logs that it’s not in the webui?)

I am running Nextcloud 18.0.6 within Docker on a low power Celeron so not crazy performance but works well for 1-2 users in all other aspects.

Big thanks in advance!