Cannot access encrypted files on external storage

Hello everyone!

It seems that I have kind of a bad run with external storage in Nextcloud.

I have added external storage via WebDAV. When I disable encryption for the external storage, everything is working fine. I can upload files via Nextcloud, access them via Nextcloud (and also I can access them directly over WebDAV from other devices).

However, when I enable encryption for the external storage, problems occur. The file seems to get uploaded just fine. The encryption does seem to work, also. I can not read the file on the WebDAV server, which is the expected behaviour. File contents are encrypted and the owncloud encryption header is added.

When I try to access the file from Nextcloud, which should work, it does not. I do get a “file not found” error in the browser (“The files on xxx could not be found”). Also, syncing with the Nextcloud desktop client does not work.

Am I missing anything? Can anybody help?

Thank you very much!