Can you sync files from one account to multiple devices

Hi. I was wondering, is it possible to use one account to sync files to a shared folder on a local server from multiple desktop devices?

Up till now my family and I (4 people in total) used 4 accounts to sync files from our desktop computers to the shared folder on the local server that we all have access to. Unfortunately, at some point, we encountered the problem with conflicted copies of some Excel and Word files that we edit at different times. Each time the client asks us which version of the file to keep - local or server. We all work only in the local folder that we all sync to and never work in a browser (directly on the cloud).

I believe this happens because each account has a separate private space to store files on the server and when the sync finds that the last updated server version from one of the accounts differs from the last version of the file in the local folder, it creates a conflict and does not resolve it automatically.

If I’m not mistaking this problem should be resolved if we used one account, but is that physically possible from multiple devices? If not, is there a way for the Client/Cloud to give priority to the local changes of files so that we don’t have to manually choose which version to keep on each occasion? Thanks in advance.


Using a single account on multiple machines is indeed possible but will result in the same behavior. If local files are not in sync with the server you will always get the conflicted file that has to be resolved manually on each machine.

Afaik there is no setting to say “server/this computer files are always right” … it would be a good option to have though.

Thanks, but I’ve made so many tests to see what actually causes this. For example, I just modified a file on my machine, sync worked fine. Then my sister made a change to this file on her laptop. Sync also worked. I made another change to the same and sync resulted in a conflict. I resolved it manually and no matter how many changes me and my sister made, sync always worked fine after that.
But in other subfolders and files often we get the same conflicts. We resolve them and after some time they appear again. I can’t wrap my finger around it. Btw I use ver. 3.6.0 on Windows 10.

The process is quite obscure to me too… I sometimes have files reported as conflicted with the exact same date and size that haven’t been touched for a year…