Can you see which photo(s) Recognize stopped on?

Hi NextCloud!

I’ve been really impressed with the performance and features I get with NextCloud and been migrating my cloud storage over to my new “home cloud”.

I really like Recognize (wish I could train models based on my tagged/merged photos, but imagine this would not be performant on a 4 core Intel iGPU!) but it seems to be breaking on a particular image (or set of images) a few thousand into the set.

If I recrawl, it’ll happily get through the same photos, then stop at the same point each time - I tried doubling the RAM from 4GB to 8GB, and switching to the newer NodeJS v14.21.1, but it always stops at the same point with the error log below.

Does anyone know if there’s a way I can identify which image(s) it breaks on so I can try moving/removing that one to complete the rest?



Classifier process output: Platform node has already been set. Overwriting the platform with node. /var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-backend-wasm/dist/tf-backend-wasm.node.js:6492 throw ex; ^ RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds at :wasm-function[486]:0x3d25d at :wasm-function[485]:0x3d09b at malloc (:wasm-function[487]:0x3d3a3) at BackendWasm.move (/var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-backend-wasm/dist/tf-backend-wasm.node.js:6982:38) at BackendWasm.write (/var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-backend-wasm/dist/tf-backend-wasm.node.js:6956:14) at BackendWasm.makeOutput (/var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-backend-wasm/dist/tf-backend-wasm.node.js:7073:27) at Object.resizeBilinear [as kernelFunc] (/var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-backend-wasm/dist/tf-backend-wasm.node.js:4012:23) at kernelFunc (/var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/tf-core.node.js:4623:32) at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/tf-core.node.js:4683:27 at Engine.scopedRun (/var/www/nextcloud/apps/recognize/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/tf-core.node.js:4488:23)