Can you hav 2 insances of NCP in on one router?

NextcloudPi latest version
installed on
Debian - latest

I have one instance of NextcloudPi on a raspberry pi and it works
Ports 80 443 are forwarded and my noip host name is fine

Now i am trying to install another NextcloudPi instance on a different machine which I can access via local netwrok
I want to access the new machine from the outside world.
but when I come to port froward the WebUI cannot do the port forwarding and when I am trying to manually port forward the router interface returns :

Some or all of these ports are already assigned to an existing rule.

So I am not sure what to do

Use alternative external ports for the second instance.
Forwarding Example

NCP1 using
external-IP:80 > internal-IP:80
external-IP:443 > internal-IP:443

NCP2 using
external-IP:8880 > internal-IP:80
external-IP:8843 > internal-IP:443

To access NCP2 from outside, you will have to use yr.domain.tld:8843

I have several servers inside my local network set up that way without any problem.

Hi @OliverV
That’s a great solution thank you.

So at the moment my domain name is

Is there a way to create an alias to this address - so i can give people something like mydomainname2 [rather than the long form]

Thank you

Tiny url dot com provide a free service for that, if that’s what your looking for

Just created a shortlink to this thread :wink: at

Not really.
I want the name to be an easy to remember :slight_smile:
I guess for the time being I’ll be stuck with - not very elegant but hey…

You can only by your own domain and create a CNAME to your long domain. Or, if you have the chance to update the server’s IP address for your domain as well, you can direct the new domain directly to the server.

In any way, you need to buy your own domain, if you want to get rid of "". And if your current “domainname2” is very hard to remember, buying your own domain is even more recommended.
Some domains are available for 2,- € a year already, so that’s worth it in my opinion.

ok thanks for this.
where would you recommend buying the domain name from?
will I be able to then hide the

Well, it depends. Where did you get your current address ( from?
Is this a provider where you just created an account to have a free domain name?

I don’t have much experience with hosters. I was not so happy with before and switched to where I am very happy now. Possible that there are hosters out there which are equally good or better. All I can tell is, that I like them very much so far and had some very good experiences with them:

  • 2,90 € per year for a .de address
  • awesome support so far (even though support is only Mo - Fr, they reacted on Sunday within an hour and solved my configuration issue - just wow!)
  • includes free DNS resolver with API access, so you can update the DNS values with the server’s IP address via script (no need for other dynDNS solutions)
  • DNSSec is included for free as well and easy to set up with a few clicks on their web GUI (be aware, that DNSSec is only available for specific TLDs if you’re interested in that)
  • client fully supports for DNS validation for automatic letsencrypt SSL-certificates

Not knowing your exact background, I believe you can delete your account at "" completely if you buy your own domain and handle the DNS settings with your hoster.

That’s how I do it at least. For I could even provide an update-DNS script :slight_smile:

If you ever wanted to have more than one service available to the internet, which hides behind one NAT IP address, then you’d probably bound to register your own domain and use some DNS provider, which allows you to setup up CNAMES, as @Schmu already noted.

Then, you could route all incomng traffic on your local network through an instance of HAProxy and have it deal with the two - or more, targets on your network.

My setup is something like that, although its rather a couple of services on port 443 (NC, mail, some other Web services) and it really works absolutely fine.