Can you assigns tasks to users?

I can’t find anything that looks like a handle to assign a task to a particular user.
Just wondering whether I just “don’t get it”, or is this a limitation of the tasks App?

The tasks app is for tracking your own todo lists and offers caldav syncing.

For team project management, try the deck app for a simple kanban

thks, I’ll check that out then.

I know i’m late to the party, but if the Deck option isn’t what you’re looking for, I did want to mention that you can share a task list with other users, then I would recommend adding tags to tasks to indicate which user is responsible for them. This obviously has some drawbacks since the user isn’t notified that you tagged them. There is a new feature coming soon(?) that will allow you to search for tags in the main search bar. This would let you search for tasks with a specific tag.

I realize this doesn’t solve the problem completely, but it’s a start :slight_smile: