Can we provide a stable service like Synology face recognition?

I’m strongly recommended that we can supply a stable service like Synology face recognition.
I used recognize app for a while, it’s very hard for a beginner to complete all steps to do face recognize. Especially for a user like me, in China, every time when I upgraded the Nextcloud, I should download the models manually through proxy again.
I hope we can provide a backgroud service like image preview generation.

What is wrong about this image preview generation as a cron-job?

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/html/occ  preview:generate-all 

I don’t understand the proxy problem.

yes. it seems never work for me

I mean that we need a backgroud service like preview generation to handle face recognition.

Be more especific please or give an example for a "backgroud service" ?

In AIO, how to make it work? thank you

What exactly?