Can user sync or export/import their data between Nextcloud providers

If I am using a nextcloud service from some provider A, can I move my exising data to another provider B, either by exporting my data from A and importing it into B, or syncing the data to my client device and then syncing it up to the new provider?

It is simple to have a local copy of my Files (photos, documents, etc), using the syncing feature of the client. And I can sync them to another provider. But what about some of the other apps such as Deck or Notes? I don’t want this data “locked-in” to a particular provider.

Beside the files you have to backup the Nextcloud database, which could be done using the ownBackup app. Additionally I would recommend to save at least the configuration file and if possible, the Nextcloud data directory where many other files are stored.

For notes it is easy, you just copy all files and notes are simply .txt or .md files.

For Deck you need to backup you DB on one provider and restore it on another, as mentioned above.

But how do I get to the Notes files, or the deck DB. All I have access to is the web interface. I cannot access the filesystem of the provider – I am not an admin that works there.

Your notes saved as files in Notes folder, check under https://YourDomain/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/Notes. Just copy them and install Notes App in a new instance.

For DB Backup check ownBackup App listed above. This will give you access via WebUI.

Thanks for the info @gas85. With the database, do you know if each user gets their own DB instance, or are all users stored in the same DB? If it is the latter, then I think the OwnBackup app would be for administrator use only?

All Users on the same NC instance have the same Nextcloud DB. To do DB backup and Restore you must have Admin Access. I did not try this App and do not know if you can do backup for 1 user only. In any way to install this and any other App you have to be Admin on NC instance.

OK, I think the feature I am wanting for Deck has been requested here: