Can’t install apps on Nextcloud dashboard

Very frustrated can’t figure out how to install apps on Nextcloud dashboard,
I am in my admin profile have tried going to apps, then searching for apps, and nothing additional shows up tried mucking around in administration settings and can’t figure it out.

I’ve watched countless YouTube tutorials and everyone seems to just go to the search icon and search for what they want. However, that’s not there for me.

I just want to install a few basic apps like calendar, contacts, notes and office

Can you check on the Administration settings page if everything is ok?

Make sure you don’t have this in your config.php:

'has_internet_connection' => false,

Where do i find that Config settings

i have checked but i don’t know what i am looking at

Administration → Overview

Administration → Logging

This was very helpful. Thank you I have found in the log Reader.

It seems that it can’t connect to the Internet, but how do I actually update those settings so it can connect to the Internet

Mostly internet connection lost is not part of Nextcloud but part of your operating system or network. Please check this first.

Maybe your server can not connect the app store. Test e.g. on your server:

Hey mate, I did have a look at the website you sent me. Yes I’ve looked at it before I can download stuff on there but I’m not sure how or what I’m supposed to do with the downloaded app file after it goes to my computer.

Everything just tells me to go to the top rack corner where it has your profile picture go down to apps, then in apps search for the app that you want to download but it either just goes to a blank screen or says that it can’t find anything I’ll attach some photos down below.

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