Can somebody walk me through connecting a group calendar to IOS?


As per the title, is there a walkthrough for newbies that I can read about this, please? I’m using this guide, and here’s what I enter:

  2. My username and password for nextcloud

I get this error:
Cannot Connect Using SSL Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?

[Cancel] [Continue]

If I press [Continue] I get:

Calendar Account CalDAV account verification failed


Before you try to connect to a group calendar, you should make sure that you’ve set-up your server correctly and that you can securely access the web gui using a web browser from your iOS device.

What happens if you enter “” in a browser?

Hi there, @j-ed,

Yes, I get a https connection to the login screen for nextcloud, so I think that’s all good. Not sure if this matters but I have nextcloud installed on a server in my garage, using Open Media Vault and Docker.


It doesn’t matter where you’ve installed Nextcloud but how you access it, over wifi or mobile network etc. Additionally you need to make sure that you can always access it using the defined dns name and not e.g. the ip address.

Yes, I can access it over the defined dns name.

What kind of server certificate are you using?

It uses a LetsEncrypt one.

When it comes to subscribing iOS devices to nextcloud, service discovery is a big help.

First make sure to disable all apps analyzing the network traffic (e.g. littlesnitch).

Then verify that service discovery is working:
when visiting you should get redirected to After entering your user credentials the server reply should be something like “this is the webdav interface…”

If this is the case, you must only give the domain part from the url to your nextcloud (omit /nextcloud):

  2. Username and Password

That should do the trick.

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That’s it! Thank you both, but especially to @Bernie_O for the solution!


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