Can only access AIO from WAN off local network, access from WAN from local network denied... unless i'm using the android app?

very odd behavior, out of the blue. It seems to have started when I changed my DNS settings on my router back to default, off of to trouble shoot another issue. I made this change about 24 hours ago.

Using my phone on cellular service via web browser I can access fine. but on LAN but using my cable provider internet I cannot, error, connection timeout. But if I use my phone on wifi to access my server using the android app, that works fine.

so using my desktop, I can’t connect via web browser or using the windows desktop client. I tried flushing the DNS cache, and rebooting, that hasn’t helped. I have not clue whats going on. Did a trace route to my server from my desktop, got 1 hop, my own IP, which I validated is the correct IP.

trying to connect https://ser.ver.ipa.ddy:80 also error connection timeout, no ssl error or anything.

I have no clue whats going on, any tips?

just bumping this since no one has responded in over a week

What does “” resolve to from outside your network?

Also, are you utilizing a reverse proxy or anything like Cloudflare?

my domain resolves correctly to my public wan ip that the server is on. i’m only using duckdns and standard port forwarding with all the recommended ports forwarded.

for instance today, i could connect to my server on my phone via 5g, but when I switched to wifi, “error address unreachable”.

BUT then I connected my laptop to the same wifi and it resovles and connects to my AIO instance fine remotely. I have no idea why chrome on my phone would error on wifi, but be fine on my laptop. and then the phone would also work fine on 5g. I’ve been having this issue for months.