Can not share of files with unregistered users

I cannot share a folder or file with a person, not being registered as user.

When I compare the related illustrations in the manual with the screen, I missing the “copy link” and the “share menu” button right to the blue “share link” icon on the left side of the right side menu

(upload://8ivF57ndbo0AOvIvSVFumlSlWbS.jpeg) but you might not have access because you are not a registered user

Nextcloud version 15.0.2
Operating system and version Linux Mint 17.3
Apache or nginx version _unknown
PHP version _unknown

Thanks in advance for helping comments.

The Nextcloud 15 software has been declared “end-of-life” in December 2019.

Please update you installation asap to a supported Nextcloud version, e.g. v20. Many functional and security related issues have already been fixed in newer versions, the described one seems to be one of these.

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Yes. Upgrade.

For your error:
Perhaps only an adblocker or a browser problem.

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Thanks to all for replies. Problem is solved.

@ devnull

Thanks for your hint with blockers. I have uBlock Origin running. In this case I need to switch of uBlock Origin completely. Allowing all NC related sripts did not work. This I could test and verify before the Upgrade.

NC upgraded

On my new Linux Mint 20 installation there is no Problem with uBlock Origin.