Can not reach nextcloud from outside LAN, please help

I’m running Nextcloud on ubuntu server on VirtualBox VM and i’m trying to reach it from outside my network. I’ve previously had mac osx server running with my ddns and that works fine with my sftp server. Now i’ve switched all ports to match the one of my ubuntu server. But I cannot reach it from outside of my network.

One thing i think is weird is: I can reach the server through localhost and my public ip if i’m on the same network but not via the ddns domain. And if i’m on another network i cannot reach my nextcloud website at all.

Please help!


Hmm, I guess you configured the VM with bridged-networking to host network device? Seems so, at least VM got individual IP within your network.

What exactly is the browser error message when you access from outside local network?
The ddns domain is configured as trusted domain within config.php? But if not, you should at least see a Nextcloud styled error message with this information.
Also I guess the VM webserver itself is not reachable then, not just the Nextcloud site?

Are there any webserver error messages within logs / journalctl?

Hi, i realized that my isp is blocking certain ports and that my DDNS was set up wrong, i apologize for the inconvenience!

No worries, hope everything is working fine then.