Can not proceed in installation. HTTP 500 error

im trying to do a fresh installation but i keep getting this error

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


You need help !!! Deserve it.

File up the support form. We don’t event know what OS your using…

Hi @jenan,
Here is the missing required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

Please specify exactly where you are in the installation process.
A list of previous steps or even screenshots of any errors you are seeing would be helpful.

Also, your installation appears to have worked as it is available from
fyi, sqlite is not recommended. Use mariadb (mysql) or postgresql instead. See documentation for details

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks. You can also search the forum to see all of the related topics asked and answered in the past for 500 http errors. Use these resources and internet + forum searches to get a better understanding of how to tackle your confusion in installation. It helps you, plus it helps us understand your request. :grin:

thank you for replay below what ican know for now

Nextcloud version: the latest in website
Operating system and version: in my host server
Apache or nginx version: I requested the latest
PHP version: 7.3 I think or higher as mentioned in the requirements

The issue you are facing:

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? Y

I have used nextcloud before with no issue; but i have delete the domain and now i have new setup and want to install fresh and when i tried i got this error

any help please how i can do this installation? or du you have services where someone can install it in my host?

Do you have the right owner and group at the install folder?? The default folder is /var/www/nextcloud, is it (and it’s content) owned by www-data:www-data?