Can not log in via shell access

good afternoon

I have Nextcloud in a VM , I have access to the VM , I access the console , to get shell access , enter Admin , and my password , no joy

Via the web interface on the same computer ( useing Firefox ) I can log in with no problems , even added Nextcloud desktop to the VM of windows and can access it , checked to confirm the password that Firefox has stored , same password I am entering in the shell

I don’t understand this , I am trying to figure out why I can’t gain access to next cloud from outside my network

I have a self signed cert , and I am thinking that could be the problem , so I need to fix or install a new one , thus why I need shell access

I have tried
Even root and Root

Thank you

Well first of all, users in Nextcloud and local users on your system are not the same. Your Nextcloud account will not work at the console, and vice versa.

Silly me , it’s been to long , souses name should be root not admin , ok I can go through my password list

Thank you