Can not export subscribed calendar (exporting regular calendar works fine)

Using Nextcloud 21 and calendar add-on 2.2.1.

I can export my regular calendar:

curl -u myuser -p -o calendar.ics https://SITE/remote.php/dav/calendars/USER/CALENDAR/\?export

I also have a subscribed calendar (read-only).
Tried a Google calendar [Nextcloud name: “calendargooglecom”], and as an example: the Euro 2020 schedule (webcal:// [Nextcloud name: “-”, yes just a dash]. The calendars show up fine in Nextcloud.
BTW would be nice if I can change the internal name, it stays the same even after editing the name.

For the shared calendars I get an error message:

This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.

For all of the calendars I use the context menu of the Nextcloud calendar and copy+paste the private link. The resulting link looks as expected, e.g.


I can confirm that it is not possible to download a subscribed calendar. Possibly because subscribed calendars are stored differently in the database compared to regular calendars.

Do you really have to download that subscribed calendar from Nextcloud?

I personally would prefer to download the calendar from the original source (as the version from Nextcloud is a cached version which is possibly not up to date with the original source). Just replace webcal with https:

curl -O ""

Indeed, the external ones are stored differently.
When I add to e.g. Apple Calendar my Nextcloud caldav, it shows the external ones as a shared calendar, with the original URL.

My thinking was that Nextcloud brings together various calendars. Some local and some from an external source. And after that -from a user point of view- they are all Nextcloud calendars.

That’s not the case and that’s okay.

In that case I would suggest these shared calendars are visibly marked differently in Nextcloud (to indicate they are external), and: disable the context menu item to copy the private link.

As the developers do not read this forum regularly, it would be great if you could open a new issue with this feature request in Nextclouds’ calendar app.


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