Can NOT delete folder left in "ALL FILES" after a delete by the External Storages App

I can NOT delete a folder left in “All Files” by the “External Storages App” delete function … " IF " … there was an error when creating the folder.

The folder in “All Files” created by the NextCloud App called “External Storages” does get deleted by the App … " IF " … there was NO error when creating the folder.

******* What I have found so far ******

  • – -- I use the External Storages App to create a Folder and the operation is NOT successful, ( get the red ball ) ,

– Using the External Storages App, I delete the failed folder that had the error, and the failed folder entry goes away from the list of folders that are shown in the App.

  • HOWEVER, when I return to the “all files” section of NextCloud, the deleted folder is shown and the folder seems to be alive and well !!

– It looks like the External Storages App created the failed folder in the “all files” section of NextCloud even though it seems to have been deleted in the External Storages App.!

  • So I click on the 3 horizontal dots for the folder that was supposed to have been deleted, and the menu appears, however there is no DELETE listed for this folder !!

So now I have no way to delete the Folder ??

The folder is alive and functional (except there is no delete function available)
The folder is NOT listed in the External Storages App !

What action can I take to get rid of this folder??