Can not connect Nextcloud 13 and Active Directory, Windows Server 2016

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry if my english is not very well, I’m french :slight_smile:

I have installed successfully Nextcloud 13.0.0 on a Debian 9 virtual machine. It’s personal project.

I have another virtual machine Windows Server 2016. with an Active Directory configurated.

The problem :

I can not connect Nextcloud to my Active Directory. I have an error message :

“LDAP Operations error”
“The Base DN appears to be wrong”

“Detect Base DN” do not function

In my Active Directory I have an OU “Nextcloudacces” and in this OU one user “nextcloudadmin” and one group “nextcloudgroup”

My domain name : adds.lan

Have you an idea ?

Thank you, best regards :wink:


Screen with AD structure please.

Thanks Ilich

Here is the AD screenshots