Can Nextcloud work with multiple people?

I recently installed NextCloud on Amazon EC2, 500GB Magnetic Storage drive attached 1GB ram, Ubuntu latest single core.

I have two accounts with my server. THose two accounts share a single folder.

I cant help but notice that NextCloud produces many erros when uploading files. I mean, I upload a folder from office and go home, sometimes the folder is not synced for some reason.

I am thinking if others experience the same issues.


I think nobody will be able to help you with that, as long as you dont attach detailed information like nc version, some logs and config files as requested in the post template…

THanks for your response. I would like to know if any others have faced this issue in the first place. Perhaps my default configuration is not correct.

Most likely there is a problem with your setup, but without logs and configs nobody will be able to tell you. My initial post is still valid.
There are nextcloud installations out there serving tens of thousands of users, so the answer to your main question would be YES…

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