Can Nexcloud PC client sync a network drive or network folder?

Can Nexcloud PC client sync a network drive or network folder ?

I ask because family members want to have larger folders on Nextcloud server, but this means that syncing anything there to local hard drive requires (edited) …requires larger drive on the local machines too.

So if you sync things only to another network drive storage then the entire family can make use of larger capacity on the network drive along with larger capacity on the nextcloud.

I hope this makes sense.

Can the client sync to local network drive ?

You have also external storage support and you can directly use SMB/NFS shares. Is that an option?

Thanks for the reply.
I edited my original post because something got cut off of the post for some reason.

Anyhow mostly I sort of figured this out to a degree. I didn’t realize I could actually select my source “nextcloud sync files” as a network drive instead of just a local drive or local folder. So I didn’t know this. I was able to choose my local network location as the source, then once I get to the “create folder” option I can select nextdrive to get the sync checkmark options for the rest of the cloud. Otherwise I can create my connection from the network drive and just create another folder on the nextcloud that way too.
ONE things that confused me was instead of creating a folder I could just select “Nextcloud” which is all the folders on the cloud. However, I can’t have a “” in the field entry but just select “Nextcloud” without any entry in that field. This will then work exactly as the initial install of the client does except it’s not on my local PC but all on the network drive and the cloud.
I had no idea and kept getting errors about “already syncing this file” or things like that. It was because of the “/” in the field which really threw me off.

There is actually many options for this that I did not realize. This was mostly what I was trying to accomplish without realizing it was already workable.