Can I use the dashboard locally instead of the webapp?

Hey everyone,

I’m new to Nextcloud and I just got my Nextcloud running on a test enviroment. Everything is working fine and Nextcloud is running. After the setup I started installing the desktop app on some hosts and got connection to my Nextcloud.
Now my question. Is there any local app for using the dashboard and talk functions and things like that or does it always have to switch to the webapp in the browser? I couldn’t find anything like that or did I miss something?

Thanks in advance,

For the talk app, there seems to be a new desktop app:

Haven’t seen anything for the dashboard. For many of the external sources, these are from the web, so if you have that already in the browser and then you are going to open it up in a browser, there is less interest of having that in a desktop app. Notifications can be in the usual desktop app.

With Chromium based browsers like Chrome, Edge etc… you could use the “install this site as an app” feature. Should work with most Chromium based browsers on most platforms: