Can I use my working Odroid C2 image on Odroid HC4?

I want to use my working Odroid C2 image on Odroid HC4. Is that possible?

Depends, but probably not. Since you gave no details I cannot advise further, but you should really ask Armbian directly, depending on what is confusing you in regards to the hardware vs. distribution vs. nextcloud variation you are using. Heck, I don’t even know if you are using Armbian, lol.

Thanks for your helpful remarks!
I just want to know if there is any chance of success if I put my Odroid C2 eMMC in an Odroid C4 (as of now not yet bought) that my nextcloud continues functioning as before.
Thank you
Your link is certainly helpful
Thank you

Possibly, but you’d have to ask someone who has experience (Armbian would be a good choice) testing that migration.

Example, Pi 3 to Pi 4 migration is possible once you alter a few simple boot parameters in order to use the same SD card. So, You’ll need to confirm what (if anything) changes booting from eMMC on the newer device in order to confirm whether you can boot off it without re-installing.

Curious on what you find. Also @BenBenna, C4 and HC4 are two completely different devices from Odroid, so don’t get them confused.