Can I use HTML signature somehow, or not? (Confusing informations)

With the current company, using Outlook, they use an HTML signature. I recently switched from Outlook to Thunderbird and was able to copy/paste the same signature, and it works.

I saw I can use the editor to create a signature, but I cannot add a table, or an image. Furthermore, I made an image public from my Nextcloud instance and was able to replicate my signature and use the image that way in a local HTML file.

I see a lot (I mean, a lot) of posts here and on GH about signature, html and images. And a lot of conflicting information. I was sad to see I cannot simply copy the signature from Outlook/Thunderbird directly to Nextcloud Mail. And I cannot replicate it with the tools provided, as I cannot hotlink an image from the editor.

It would be nice to be able to use the same signature across clients, to avoid confusion from the customer. It would look like we don’t care if the signature vary from email to email. I want to use Nextcloud as my main work station now, but I cannot find a way to make this works.

If this is simply impossible, I will eventually try to maybe make a PR and add a Raw HTML option, but I saw some users to refer to that function, which I cannot find :confused:

Thank you community <3

(Yes, I saw multiple posts saying it’s a security risk, etc, but let’s face it, most corporation uses fancy signatures :stuck_out_tongue: )