Can I stop SNAP from upgrading?


I’ve never paid attention to the fact that Nextcloud is upgrading itself. When I first installed it, it was 19.x.x and now I’m at 20.0.8. Because I use E2EE and everything is working well with the new 3.2 client, I don’t want to move to version 21 yet. How can I stop the Snap from automatically updating my server when it is released?


Hi, unfortunately is this not possible, afaik.
You can find a statement regarding this topic by the snaps maintainer here: Disabling automated Nextcloud-snap refresh · Issue #327 · nextcloud/nextcloud-snap · GitHub

But what you might be able to do, though, is to file a new issue here: and ask if it is possible to wait with the NC21 update until the E2EE app is compatible with this version.

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Thank you.

You are welcome!
Here are also some docs regarding snapd updates. Maybe they are of some use for you:

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tl;dr you want this command:

$ sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=20/stable

Not true, thankfully. This exact use-case is one that we carefully considered. Here’s a blog post about exactly this for when v12 came out, which had a number of issues:

Combine that blog post with the current set of release channels:

And I give you the following command:

$ sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=20/stable

Voila, you will get v20 releases, but never upgrade to v21 until you’re ready, at which time you can:

$ sudo snap refresh --stable nextcloud

That will get you back on the “just keep me up to date” train, or you can be more conservative with:

$ sudo snap refresh nextcloud --channel=21/stable

Which will, as you should be able to guess, keep you on v21 releases.

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Thanks for reminding me that there is a way, I’ve just forgotten about the channel functionality :slight_smile:

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Thank you both! I will take care of this right now.

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