Can I pre-run Recognize on a desktop, and then feed the results to my Raspberry Pi?

Pretty much what the title says. I have a recent PC, and was wondering if there is a straightforward way to connect the NCP harddrive to it and make it do the initial run of Recognize, rather than letting the poor Pi struggle on my large library?


This should be possible, even if a bit involved.
You will need to replicate your nextcloud installation on the PC with DB and data dir, ie. somehow connect to the db on your PI and mount the data dir from your PI somehow. Then you can run recognize on the PC and it will sift through the files in the data dir and store the results in the db as if it was running on your PI. This is basically as if you were running two nextcloud nodes behind a load balancer, one is the PI and one is the PC. (Of course in this case you don’t need the load balancer as the recognize job runs in the background.)

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@Frivolous2 did you tried ?