Can I move preview app data to SSD?

I have nextcloud, mysql installed on SSD (Ubuntu) while the data directory is located in HDD (10TB). A big part of my data are photos and thus I have also enabled the preview generate app.

I wonder if it is possible to move the preview data folder, e.g. currently located inside the data directory in HDD, to SSD and will it worth it and even noticeable ? Will it improve my Nextcloud experience? My current photo folder takes about 1 second to load and it takes over a minute to load on my Android app.

I couldn’t find any settings to do so, I guess I can do it with system link? Have anyone done this before? Or should I just leave the preview folder in HDD?

*My preview folder is currently sitting at about 160G

Sure you can. I did it via mount --bind my preview folder is in SDD and Data is on HDDs.

You have to enable HTTP2 to add speed - it will access few files parallel.

May be you have to check your configuration and rebuild preview folder? There is a link to github. I goes from 60+GB to 13GB.

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This method is great, thank you very much!

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