Can I link nextcloud to a windows server 2012 file server?

So I’ve recently started to dive in to the wonderful world of Linux specifically ubuntu server.
I have setup a LAB to do some testing and my end goal is to implement Nextcould in to the college so that 5000 user’s can access there personal file (H drives) more easily outside of the college.

To put a little more context to this, everyone’s H drive contains all of there main windows files, so that includes Documents, Desktop, Pictures.
this is done so that no mater which computer a user logs in to in the college, all of there data will follow them around.

So far I have installed and setup Nextcloude so that it is linked to active directory using LDAP, but now I want to see if it’s possible to have each users cloud storage linked to there H drives which are currently stored on a windows server 2012 file server? so that every user will have access to there H drive out side of the college.

Sorry if I’m missing something simple or this dose not make sens, I’m new to this and not sure just how far I can push Nextcloud :slight_smile:

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Hi Luke,

hmm… the only way I see after quick thinking is to place the Nextcloud Sync-Application folder into H: for each user. But they then must get used to place their files in that subfolder. Anyway, this way those files would also be backupped, as the Win 2012 server surely gets backupped :slight_smile:


@jospoortvliet can you already mount smb-shares directly as user homes?

In your case, you could contact the enterprise customer service. For education, they offer much cheaper rates and for large setups professional support can be very helpful. Especially if you want to adapt certain things to your environment and you don’t have own development resources:


I can confirm a friend of mine does this. He has his Windows file serverr linked to NextCloud as an NFS mount.