Can I have other data in my object storage besides Nextcloud

I am using the Nextcloud snap on DigitalOcean, and using DO Spaces (which is S3 compatible) for storage.

From what I can tell, all objects that NC stores are in the root of this space/bucket have a name prefixed with urn:oid: or similar.

What I’d like to do is add a folder to this space that contains objects for another application.

Can this be done safely? i.e., do I need to worry about NC overwriting/deleting this information, or this folder causing NC to break?

Hi @mwop
I neither use DO space nor do I use an S3 compatible storage backend for my Nextcloud. But don’t they offer “unlimited spaces”? And dosen’t “unlimited spaces” mean that you can create an unlimted number of buckets? If that’s the case, I would stronly recommend to create one bucket per application to avoid any issues.

I’m not an expert. But I think you will get into trouble, If one application is trying to create a folder with the same name as a folder from another application already uses. And even if that’s not an issue, it’s certainly much cleaner and also easier to manage if you have sperate buckets per application.

In any case, I see no sensible reason to use a single bucket for multiple applications, unless Nextcloud and this other application should have access to the same data. However, this can cause other problems in combination with Nextcloud and should generally not be done on the file system level.

Yes, but there’s cost associated, $5/month/250GB of storage. A space is equivalent to a bucket.

However, I did discover that I’d actually already put my NC data in a folder under the bucket root, which means it’s already segregated from other data. So, all is sorted now. (And the data is actually related; the new subfolder is for configuration storage related to the host which serves NC, so keeping it all together made a lot of sense here.)

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