Can I have Onlyoffice UI in English without changing my UI language setting for all of NextCloud?

I was using the NextCloud instance hosted by KDE. NextCloud has both Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) variants, which is nice. However when I open a document in the web interface, it shows Onlyoffice with a Simplified Chinese interface.

It appears that Onlyoffice simply doesn’t have a Traditional Chinese user interface for now. Which is fine, as I am perfectly okay with using it in English. However, having it show in Simplified Chinese when the user have Traditional Chinese set as the UI language is not fine. Well, some users might accept it, but for most it is a cultural faux pas.

Anyway, is there a UI language override for Onlyoffice that I can use? Can NextCloud consider changing the default language for Onlyoffice as long as it doesn’t have Traditional Chinese available?