Can I duplicate Boards or move decks/cards to other boards?

meanwhile I have a very extensive board, which unfortunately is not very handable.
Now I would like to divide the many stacks of a board with little effort into different boards.

(How) Is it possible to move the stacks into other boards?
(How) Is it possible to duplicate a board?
(How) Is it possible to export and import stacks?

Or is there any other solution for my request?

I would be very happy about some help.

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As far as I know this is currently not possible, except if you hack the database.

But some of it will be possible (very) soon:

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Moving cards and cloning boards is possible starting with Deck 1.0

Update: Moving cards and cloning boards is also possible with the Deck Android app. In addition to the capabilities of the Web UI, one can also move cards across different accounts and clone the cards of a board together with the board itself.

This is not correct - at least for the browser version - you cannot clone cards of a board together with the board itself from the gui.
Thanks to @stefan-niedermann for clarifying his post.

Please carefully read my post again. I am referring to the Deck Android app and not the Deck server app (though there is a promising Pull Request for the latter one).

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