Can I delete or clean up nc-backup data?

Everytime there is an NC update my server gets borked because the rootfs runs out of room. I keep deleting stuff but it just wasn’t adding up, so I finally realized I should run Disk Utility with sudo so I could get a better picture of my disk and lo and behold nearly 2/3rds of my rootfs disk are taken up by the data folder inside the nc-backup folder.

Can I delete this? Can I clean this up?

Most of my files are not on the 250 gog SSD rootfs disk. Rather they’re on large 3TB HDDs that are mounted as external drives. So there’s only about 30 gigs on the rootfs SSD, but for some reason I’ve got 150 gigs being taken up by this data folder. What can I do? Can I delete this crap? Or maybe there are redundant backups and I can run some kind of command to clean things up?