Can I define my own schedule for auto-upload?


Today I started using the auto-upload feature in my Android NextCloud app. Very cool.

But is it possible to make the upload happen at a time of my choosing? E.g: at a particular time according to a schedule I define?

How often does it scan the source folders on the phone to check for changes? If it’s running all the time will it use up my phones battery? I don’t need an immediate sync, my Whatsapp syncs once a week and that is fine.



Yes, and you need to enable “run in background” on Android for that app to work correctly.

I think it should be possible to run this auto-sync feature at a time of your own choosing like you can in the SMBSync2 app.

I am using Android 12 on a Pixel 4a. How do I “run in background”?

I think this used to be a way to do that but those menus are not on my Pixel:
Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization .

When I was setting up the NextCloud app I think I disabled Battery optimization but not sure.