Can I completely disable Nextcloud share email notifications?

When I share a folder/file with someone Nextcloud sends then an email “Teddy has shared this folder with you”
but I want to disable this completely.

We have an API that creates a specific folder structure for a large group of users and shares with them. We have other mechanisms to notify users of these shares.

I think this is gonne be difficult.

you can disable these notifications per user basis in there settings but as a user2user share a file/folder they will also not get a notification.

i don’t think there is a occ option to disable this for all users at once.

Is there an option to edit it directly in the database? I couldn’t find it in the database tables.

I have the default notifications disabled which I believe should cover for new users. I don’t mind if someone specifically enables it. We have several thousand users already in the database and this is a relatively new process we are implementing.

check table oc_preferences

configkey == notify_email_shared
configvalue == 0 ( no notification)

report back if you need more