Can I compile nextcloud mac v2.6.5 on macOS 10.13 in order to have openssl 1.1.1 inside?


I am facing a security issue by using the legacy nextcloud desktop mac client v2.6.5. Even if my sys tem (macOS 10.13) has an openssl v1.1.1, the nextcloud package contains two deprecated openssl libraries (v1.0.0 and v 1.1.0).

I was wondering if it is doable to compile it using a recent openssl 1.1.1 library. I followed the compilation instructions, but it requires qt5 which cannot be installed on macOS 10.13.

Any idea to get the legacy client with openssl 1.1.1 ?

Any responses suggesting upgrading my hardware or installing Linux are useless: I want to use my hardware the more I can. Installing Linux is not an option either, since the GPU (ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB) I have is unsupported by it.