Can I build a front-end cache in the cloud for home Nextcloud install?

I was wondering if anyone else has tried this and has a working solution.

I have a home Nextcloud install that I’ve used for years. I’ve always wanted to be able to hand out links to anyone I wanted without also revealing my home IP address. So I’ve only ever sent it out to friends and family. This worked fine until recently my ISP seems to have blocked port 80 and so Let’s Encrypt stopped working. I know there are ways around this but it got me thinking about my original wish.

Could I setup a small VPS like a Digital Ocean droptlet or a Linode and have it proxy requests and act as a cache for recently/commonly requested content? And what would the best solution be to accomplish this?

I’d prefer to continue running my local install, as it’s much cheaper than trying to buy that much storage in someone else’s data center. But I’m open to alternative solutions as well.