Can i assign the Nextcloud App to handle the URL prefix of my Server?


I understand this can be an android Issue, but i want to know if it is possible to handle this scenario from the application side. If the same solution can be applied to Apple phones it would be great.

Let’s say my server is at:

My intention is that anytime someone in my family shares an URL beginning with that URL, instead of opening the default browser, the Nextcloud app is opened instead in an Android device. This because the users probably don’t have the password at hand to open the URL in the browser, but the application is already logged in with their credential for the Nextcloud Server. Also, I prefer that they don’t store they passwords on the password manager of whatever Browser they are using.

I understood that the app developer can configure this in the configuration files of the installer, but without the developer’s assistance, i don’t know if it’s possible for me to get the Nextcloud installer from the Play Store, maybe the Android SDK and make a change like this on my own.

It does not depend on the Nextcloud app-developer but on the operating-system itself.

How shall the mail-app decide to open the nextcloud-app to call the share and to open the browser to open a “general” link?

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