Can I allow certain ip only using secure drop?

Hey eveyone,

I am using nextcloud in my university. We have a lab room used to take exams, so we blocked nextcloud server to prevent students download files in order cheating in the exam.

But one of our teacher want to using nextcloud’s to collect files, by Secure Drop(Uploading Only) function in nc.

So, is there any way to depoly this? That means in a certain place, only Secure Drop of nc can used.


Maybe I can install a new nc server, and make fedration with old one. Allow the new server be accessed from the lab room, but without download and login function?

Not sure, perhaps you can protect the files with file access control.

That’s probably the easiest solution (with less things to test), use a Nextcloud server only to drop files and only allow access from your normal Nextcloud server to this file-drop server but not the other way round.