Can I add links to the login page?

Hi guys,

is it possible to add own links/html to the login page?
I need to add 4 links and was thinking to modify the footer but I don’t know where to do that as I’m not a programmer.

Can somebody please give me a hint? I’m running NC 13.0.2

i had said yes - and made you search the forum for this… but then

and so i’d rather suggest… theming app to you with 2 more links… disclaimer and privacy-links now possible. (it might be only half of what you need but it’s still better than none :slight_smile: )

Perfect, thats’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:
These two links are the absolute necessity.
Thank you so much.

As I got to know NC so far there is no “easy” .html or .php file that I could hard-fill with simple html code (a href…), right?

you’re welcome.

hey… even IF those files were present they would be overwritten with every nc-update you’d be running… and so you’d need to enter those changes again and again and again

I’m aware of the fact that this procedure is not update friendly.
But still that wouldn’t be a problem as this step would take only 1-2min to complete once in a while (download, copy & paste the own code into the new file, upload). Besides that I’m not planning on installing every single update of NC as my needs for the service are very specific.