Can download but not play


My student has reported that she has a problem with our shared link.
In the attachment, I send you a screenshot of what happens when she wants to watch a recording. This loading symbol simply does not disappear or the video does not start.

That would be awesome if you can give a hint!

Best regards

What version of Nextcloud do you use? Does it work for others?

If you have a similar system, can you try to check the network tab of the web-developer tools, perhaps some resources are missing. From the icons on the browser, it could be that some add blockers could block some resources that are required to play the video.

Thanks for your answer.
I have issued Add block (and third-party cookies on), but even that didn’t help. Insert the screenshot of the lecture that we had. We could easily play the video without downloading it. It doesn’t work with the play anymore. Only downloading is still possible. Could It be problems with rights management?
Because it worked before!!

What did change, did you upgrade to a different version? Are the old videos still working?

You see the wheel spinning in the screen shot, so it seems to load. Perhaps the videos are much larger or something else is different (encoding?). Perhaps server or browser log some errors…

We are using bwSync&Share during the corona pandemic which is a country service for synchronizing and sharing desktop data. We are in Karlsruhe, Germany. The software behind BW sync&share is Nextcloud. It always gets so much time for IT to response that’s why I wrote to you. I could not find the version. We get no errors. As I told you this loading symbol simply does not disappear or the video does not start :neutral_face:

Does it not work with every client?
Does it not work with every video?
Test “Big Buck Bunny” video
770 kB-Version:

Please use “network analyses” in your browser with key “F12”.
Can you post it?

none of videos plays in Browser. I sent you a screenshot from the network analysis!
Is it right?

I think we need more details.

To exclude problems with the client (e.g.browser) you can use a 60-minutes-nextcloud-test-account.

We can’t do their job. In the end you need more information that the admin should be able to provide easily and in the end of the day, if there is a fix or some other change required, as a user you cannot apply it yourself (in most cases).

Trying in reference environment can be helpful to see if this is a client or server issue.

file decoding (normally) happens in client browser - if it cannot decode file it offers to download the file.
does this happen with all clients or just this one? have the encoding-software or its parameters changed maybe? it might be more compatible to use ogv instead of mp4 for encoding.
can the client play the included “welcome to nextcloud” (‘Nextcloud intro.mp4’) mp4-file?