Can a user see which files are cuirrently shared to outsiders?

I wonder how the “Shares” shortcut decides what information to show?
I am talking about the Shares shortcut which you can see when in the Files view, in the left top column.

As Admin, I have set my Nextcloud instance so that users cannot share any files, not even their own files. Only members of the Admin group can share.

If I am logged in as Admin, and share a file, and then click the shortcut “Shares”, I can see 1 file in “Shared” view. It is the file I just shared.

But if I log in as a user, with no share rights, and I click the “Shares” shortcut, then there are no files listed there. This user, does have access to the folder where the shared file resides. Logged in as this user, I can browse to this file in the Files view with no problem.

But as said, there are no shared files listen under the “Shares” shortcut for a user. Only for Admin.

Does this mean that the “Shares” shortcut lists only files that have been shared by the currently logged in user?
Or does this mean that users can not see shared files under the “Shared” shortcut, since I have disabled user’s ability to share files?

Is there some way, which a User can see which files are currently shared to outsiders?