Calgon....take me away! Help with install please!

Alright, this can not be as difficult as I’m experiencing. Should be a simple install. Ubuntu 18.04, latest NextCloud package, SSD main drive for OS and DB and a pair of 4 TB drives in RAID 1 config. Obviously, I want the 4TB RAID as the data drive.

I have gone through all of the tutorials that I can find but nothing ends up working right. Because this is a clean install, every time that I hit a road block I re image the machine. My Ubuntu install and RAID config work fine. I’m not a Linux guy, but I know enough to be dangerous (I am a network config guy though…and rather solid with Windows and SQL).

Does anyone have a step by step installation guide to help me get this to work?

I will say, I used the snap install package on this same machine before I replaced the hard drives and it worked fine for testing. The problem was that it was a 2TB drive that contained the OS, DB, and data folder…and it was an old drive that I had sitting around.

I’m running into a road block somewhere…probably mentally…but I can’t get this to work. But I want to as it is the perfect solution for my needs at home.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks -


I use a debian/ubuntu setup, it should be very similar to this guide:

In step 5.3 you can set a datafolder which can be on your RAID1 storage.

The guide is a bit dated, but the principal steps should be ok (I think ubuntu has directly letsencrypt packages, so you can follow a more recent guide for letsencrypt).

Advantage of such a guide, you can directly refer to a step when asking questions. There are certainly tons of other tutorials and installation guides.

you may follow the readme.

the playbook is based on this howto: more or less.

set your raid mount point as nextcloud_data_dir = /your/raid/mount/point in the inventory.

please diasble backup restic_repo = '' # '/var/backups/nextcloud' otherwise you would backup your 4TB Raid to your SDD. (I have to change this default in the next commit.)

Thanks for the guides! I am finally getting back to this project and these are better than other ones that I initially found. Hopefully I can get this up and running as I want…it can’t be that hard!