Calender in NC 24 – titles too long, go into next day

I just upgraded from NC 23 to 24 and I use the calendar app.

Now all events, which have a long title, are too long, which means that they go into the next day. I made this screenshot:


I anonymized the titles, but you can see that the two last events on the first day and the two on the second day go into the next day. They are not shortened anymore.

What can I do? Should I report it as a bug?

Same here.

Wait for a bug fix upgrade or manually install an older version of the app.

They are already aware of it…

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Thanks, then I will wait for the fix.

I’m new to NC, are the entries in the calendar lost if i’m downgrading to the previous version ??
I have a lot of it and i don’t want to tell my users that everything is lost just to have the colors back …

I have not tried it myself. However, no data should be lost when downgrading an app.

Of course, there’s always a chance that something is going wrong. So make sure you have working backups before you start…

I just installed an update for the calendar, problem is gone. :slight_smile: