Calendar v2: Time/date selection is not ergonomic

In my opinion, the time selection in the new calendar app is a step backwards from the old version. You always have to click on the specific date (one click more than before) and scrolling through the individual times is rather cumbersome. The 5-minute subdivision is also missing when specifying the minutes, so that, for example, the time 8:15 cannot be selected.

Is it possible to use the old overview again?

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Iโ€™ve been having this same issue for a while now (a few versions so far). I dread every time I have to use the webUI to add events.

When you canโ€™t just type in โ€œ12:30โ€, but rather, you have to re-chose the date, chose the hours and scroll again for the minutes, itโ€™s counterproductive. Iโ€™m surprised that there arenโ€™t more voices around this issue.

When the screen is large enough you can select the time and enter it manually, and that saves so much time. But itโ€™s not always possible, and itโ€™s certainly not a solution.

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