Calendar usage in NC


I am just starting to try and understand and use the calendar.

I have not made any calendars yet.

When I open up the calendar app, I, for some reason see all tasks lists listed.

Why are the names of task lists there?

I can make a new calendar, just fine. I did notice that you cn make a calendar with a task list. Maybe this explains the task lists in the calendar lists.

But, for me, the task lists are a separate thing, and while I can deselect the task lists, they are all still listed.

Thanks for any guidance on basic understanding and usage of the calendar app.

You may have figured this out already, but there is a setting to hide tasks in the calendar. I wish that tasks were hidden by default, but that’s not the case:


I want to thank you for the help.

I was looking at the individual lists trying to find a way to change them. I did nto see the settings button.



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