Calendar: Sync with a non-Google App?

On the run from FaceBook and Google, I just signed up to give NextCloud (NC) a try. I was able to sync my NC calendar with my Samsung and Google calendar Android apps but I was hoping to be able to view it without letting Google have access. All of the calendar apps I looked into synced only with Google and other mainstream calendars like Outlook. Is it not possible to view the NC calendar any other way except through Google or Microsoft apps?

Have a look at DAVx5.
It can also be found in the F-Droid store.

I did and used it to make the link. My issue was finding a non-Google app to view the calendar on my phone. After trying many, I found OneCalendar, which supports linking to NextCloud natively, enabling me to dump Google Calendar. It’s not quite as functional, but it works.
Work fine with DAVx5.

Thanks for the links. The calendar app looks a bit nicer than OneCalendar and I’ll give them both a try to see which Iike best.

I already had the task app but didn’t know how to get it synced, a problem which I think was caused by my experimenting with both DAVx5 and OpenSync to connect to NextCloud. I reestablished the connection using DAVx5 and it worked. However, for tasks I may continue to use “RememberTheMilk”.