Calendar Sync does not work

Hi everyone.

So ok my title is a bit vague, but its the only way I can really describe the issue.
I think Nextcloud could be really great, its a lot better than the current version of Owncloud.

Im a fairly technical guy and can work most things out, but here is the real issue… To really get user uptake of this product it has to be stupid simple.

Lets lake the Calendar sync as a starting point.
I have 2 users GILL and BEN, both of these users share their calendars with each other.
Both users have to be able to sync their calendar with their personal device, what-ever that is.

Just for them to set this up can cause real headaches… it would be way better to have a download for them to install their device, so that it just auto syncs.

Ok 3rd user lets just call it ADMIN

Both GILL and BEN also share their calendar with ADMIN
ADMIN can edit both users calendars, and should be able to also sync this with his/her device.

I can get the users setup with their own CAL, but the shared CAL’s are really flakey, sometimes they show, sometimes they don’t.

As for the ADMIN Cal, i’ve yet to get this to work at all.
These types of situations are really very common, and needed across multi platforms.

well if this may be of any help for you: it works great without problem with my users and my nc.

and i’m afraid… unless you won’t share a more detailed request it will be almost impossible to help you in any way.

first of all: what’s your problem?
then: we don’t know anything about your setup, environment, etc… but we need to.