Calendar Subscription using link not working

Current nextcloud version: 24.0.5
Calendar App: 3.5.0

I am looking to import a webcal calendar to nextcloud via “New Subscription from link”. When tried, the following error will appear.

An error occurred, unable to create the calendar.

A set of calendar events will get imported while the majority of the events are amiss.

I have no issues with importing the same webcal to other solutions except nextcloud.

The following errors are logged:-

Fatal	webdav	Sabre\VObject\InvalidDataException: The supplied iCalendar datetime value is incorrect: 20220503/P1D

    /home/files/public_html/3rdparty/sabre/vobject/lib/DateTimeParser.php - line 205:

    Sabre\VObject\DateTimeParser::parseDateTime("20220503/P1D", DateTimeZone {})

    /home/files/public_html/3rdparty/sabre/vobject/lib/Property/ICalendar/DateTime.php - line 167:

    Sabre\VObject\DateTimeParser::parse("20220503/P1D", DateTimeZone {})

Wonder if there is a fix for this issue. I hope if anyone can help me with this.