Calendar single account on multiple computers

We have a single user account in Nextcloud with the calendar application.
In this calendar we have multiple calendars (5 different ones).
We use this account on 15 different workstations, so we can share these calendars.
But if someone disables one of the calendars for him, it will be disabled on all the other workstations.
For example, we have a ‘office’ calendar and a ‘doctor’ calendar on our single company account.
The doctor logs in and disables the office calendar and the staff worker logs in on his computer and logs in the company account. He sees the doctors calendar active and the office calendar disabled.
So he changes this by activating the office calender and disabling the doctors calendar and the doctor switches over to the office calendar.

We use to have a google calendar and this option was working on the google calendar.
But we like privacy and security, so this is why we would like to have Nextcloud for our company.

Is it possible to use a single login account with multiple calendar’s and the it remembers the setting on the workstation and not switching back every time someone changes this setting.