Calendar shows no birthdays anymore

We are on Nextcloud 14.0.6 with contacs 2.1.8 and since some days, there are noch birthdays in the calendar anymore.

We tried do delete the contact list and made a new one, then we imported all the contacts with the birthday-data. But there is no birthday-calendar anymore.

What can we do?

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do you see in the Calendar Webview at the left side the line: Birthday…

We had this, but not anymore.

do you have as admin in Preferences and then Groupware something like make bithdaycalendar automatic activated?

Yes, it’s activated

Hmmmm, sorry no more ideas in the moment

Did you try the occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar command?
Docs reference:

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Thank you. Now I tried, but only get :
occ: command not found
bash: sudo: command not found

Wrong path?

occ is in the nextcloud/ directory; for example /var/www/nextcloud on Ubuntu Linux. occ is a PHP script. You must run it as your HTTP user to ensure that the correct permissions are maintained on your Nextcloud files and directories.“

Okay, thank you. I had no root-access, so I could not use sudo:
php occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar username
That works!